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A 12 x 52 minutes fantasy TV series

Series in développement
Directed by Alexandre DINAUT
Written by Sophie ROBERT

Staring : Mathieu DEMARS, Nina SEUL, Caroline BRETON, Renelle WAGRET, Yohann METAY, Willy LESSAFFRE, Eve Tatiana LEBRUN

A supernatural thriller combined with an initiatory journey

GARICK, is a thirty year old writer; mysterious, talented, famous, and oh so sexy. He unintentionally possesses a magnetic power over women, which makes him uneasy.
Garick is celebrating his Goncourt prize when his parents suddenly die in a car accident. He discovers that his parents, had during thirty years, taken care of a castle that didn’t belong to them. This medieval castle is situated in the heart of the small village of Bamer Zouck in the North of France. Considering it to be his heritage, Garick goes to the inhabited castle with his friends, for a weekend.

Once there, he has a dizzy spell and faints. When he awakes, Garick is capable of communicating with the ghosts of the people buried in the sepulcher. He is the only one who can see and hear them; to him they look as though they are alive, despite the fact that their bodies have no density. So now he has unintentionally become a medium!

But that’s not the worst of it. The ghosts have the ability to « possess » the living, in order to live by proxy for a few seconds, or minutes, long enough to put the person in an awkward, socially inacceptable, or plain dangerous posture.
The young writer must now fight to save his integrity.
Garick is sorry to discover that he has the same magnetism over female ghosts as he does the female living. The problem with ghosts is that no wall can stop them.